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Distract the dealer
Past posting is a hoax where players try to replace the chips they have won with more valuable chips. Players can try blackjack, poker or roulette.
For this fraud, the cheater must master his handheld tricks even better than someone trying to swap cards. Nowadays, repositioning has become almost impossible because the tables are closely monitored by surveillance cameras. Some extremely dexterous gamblers can get away with adding a few chips once or twice, but collecting enough chips to make their fraud profitable almost inevitably leads the casinos to suspect.
There are a number of other methods of repositioning that players have also tried. In roulette, players can try to bet after the ball has landed in a compartment. This is much more difficult to do because the dealer has to be distracted. Dealers are trained to avoid distractions, so it is challenging to do so without a very effective distraction.
This is how casinos do it: dealers have been trained to keep a close eye on the chips on the table to ensure that they are not exchanged. Players are also carefully watched by security personnel today. If a player tries to exchange an unusual number of chips for cash, the casino may ask them to wait until the casino footage has been verified to confirm that they have won their chips legally. If the player has exchanged chips at the tables, security personnel will find and remove them.

Fake chips
Some players try to make fake chips and exchange them for cash. Of course, great sophistication is required here, since the counterfeit chips have to look almost identical to the chips that the casino itself uses.
This is how casinos go about it: Success in exchanging counterfeit chips is much more difficult than it used to be. Most casinos today use RFID tracking, which they can use to quickly tell whether a counterfeit chip is being used. These RFID transmitters are built into chips that are worth at least $ 20, as they are most often counterfeited. The chips must be scanned using an RFID reader before they can be exchanged for cash. If they fail the test, they may be taken into custody on the spot.
This technology has also proven useful in robberies. Anthony Carleo attempted to steal $ 1.5 million worth of casino chips during a robbery in 2010. The casino was able to disable RFID tracking, so Carleo would not be able to exchange it for cash. He was later arrested when he tried to sell the chips to a covert investigator.

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